K.A.M – Kingdom Asylum Ministries

Kingdom Asylum Ministries, Inc. known as KAM is a non-profit organization that I started in 2016 out of obedience to the instructions of the Lord. I never saw myself in any form of ministry, so you can imagine my shock when the Lord gave me all the wonderful details pertaining to KAM! So while brainstorming thoughts and sipping a Cafe Vanilla Frappucino at a Starbucks in Atlanta, Ga KAM went from a few words on a scratch piece of paper onto a fully funcitonal website and now regular public speaking engagements. This ministry is God’s way to show the world what He can do with someone who completely considers themselves unworthy of His love but is willing to obey at all cost. KAM has several foundational principals and beliefs that I would like to share with you.

1. We believe in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God who was resurrected from death as the champion of eternal life.

2. We believe as He ascended to Heaven to prepare a place known as “home” in Heaven, we received the Holy Spirit as our Helper from God the Father.

3. We believe Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity-a person who speaks, feels and boldly shares His vision with us. He always draws attention to Jesus Christ while fervently revealing the will of The Father.

4. We believe in heaven and hell as God appointed eternal destinations after death for the living soul. Heaven for the soul who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and hell for the soul who perished without committing his/her heart to Jesus Christ.

5. We believe Jesus Christ will return to earth one day for his believers and followers known as the Bride of Christ.

6. We believe it is our responsibility and privilege to share the “good news” of the Kingdom of Heaven to every nationality and culture while there is still time to do so.

7. We believe hearing about and receiving Jesus Christ is the greatest gift any human being can ever receive.

Our Mission Statement

We are leading a revolution of Hope and Change brought about by Compassion, Prayer and Action.

Our Slogan

Don’t Doubt….Just Expect

Our Vision 

KAM is a ministry that is focused on the lost and unsaved. Through practical teaching, innovative ideas, and modern examples we will see the sick recover, blind souls come to life, bound minds become free and the body of Christ rise up to her position of dominion and authority. We believe the world is ready for a revolution of epic proportions whose nucleus is the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

To rescue the lost by any means necessary.