My Story (in brief)

In May of 2012, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. A broken mess, I called out to him audibly daily and asked for redemption not even knowing if He would hear me. I had no idea he was the one drawing me to him! There was nothing within me that believed Jesus would forgive me or heal me, after all I had met him at the age of 13 but strayed for twenty years. With one decision, I was reacquainted with the King of kings on bended knees without any reservations. All it took was for me to acknowledge He was Lord, and that I needed him to save me from all that I had become. A human being in darkness void of his love and his guidance. Right there, in turmoil, chaos, shame, despondency, and fear I chose an unseen God and He chose me. He broke chains of bondage and shackles of shame, bitterness, jealousy perversion, lust, anger, rejection and many many more and exchanged them for a Robe of Righteousness. I lived as a lesbian in a homosexual lifestyle for 20 years. A lifestyle of choices that kept me further from his truth and his call. Needless to say, He was waiting for me with arms wide opened, tenderness in His voice and love emanating from His heart to mine. All I was responsible for was saying, “yes” to his offer of salvation from Calvary. I said yes and have never wavered from that yes since. On October 15, 2012 I began hearing the voice of God clearly for the first time in a very long time. That’s when I began my new journey as His mouthpiece. A work in progress no doubt, but one who unashamedly says what He tells me to say, writes what He gives me to write and speaks what He leads me to say. The Love of God had won round five!
I was baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit and have become a messenger of the Good News. Everywhere I go, I look for opportunities to share the love of Christ with souls that are like who I used to be, hopeless, struggling with an identity, void of security. Black or white, life can be fun or it can be a nightmare. Daily, we choose whether we will be an inspiration or inspired. We choose whether we live broken or healed, angry or forgiven, bound or set free. I’ve chosen to write what I’ve experienced and am continuing to by way of daily downloads and quiet revelation. It is my sincere desire that men, women, boys and girls from all around the world will one day hear of my story of redemption. I hope the creative work done inside of my soul by none other than Jesus himself will be proof enough to even the most hardened unbeliever. To be blunt, I expect God’s will to be done through my life in order to get people moving towards their destiny in Jesus Christ. We all have a destiny; a destination with many stops along the way. I’m simply grateful that I get to share my life story with those who God permits to hear it. My journey is one of a sanctified, justified sinner, who passionately reaches out to a dying world void of hope and love from the Author of Life one testimony at a time. Thank you for joining me on my journey, from Rejection to Acceptance, Fearful to Full-of-Life, and Broken to Completely Restored! My story has been written which includes many more rounds. This time, Jesus is walking me through each chapter that I get to share with the world. He continues to win each round with His love. He is everlasting to everlasting….
This is a condensed version of my journey back to Christ. I have a beautiful testimonial that’s been created and I would love for you to watch the “trailer of my life” as inspired by the Holy Spirit. Click the menu and select Ciara Leilani’s film. Let’s make the name of Jesus famous by sharing what only He could have brought us through!

Ciara Leilani