The Power of a Praying Mother!

Welcome to part II of One Voice Makes a Difference with Pastor Janet Swanson of Charisma Media Network. Ciara Leilani and her mother Evelyn share a powerful story of perseverance, deliverance and love between a mom, daughter and King Jesus. She shares how the power of prayer carried her through this two decade battle for her daughter’s soul and details how she was able to pray for her daughter for 20 years who was entrapped in sin and a false identity of homosexuality. Listen in to how a mother’s prayers were the catalyst for how Ciara Leilani was ultimately radically rescued by Jesus Christ himself. Tune in!

Ciara and her mother Evelyn’s interview with Pastor Janet Swanson on One Voice podcast with Charisma Media can be heard now at this link:

The Power of a Praying Mother

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