Shelby Maxwell

Hartwell, GA

Oh how the Lord blessed my life when my path crossed paths with Ciara! What an amazing path He has put us on together as friends, sisters in Christ, His servants, and warriors for His kingdom! I have desired to share this testimony for a while now as to how I met Ciara however, I find it difficult to find adequate words to write.  Through my trust in the Lord I know he is going to provide exactly what is needed.  He is a Good, Good Father!

Ciara and I crossed paths about a year ago (Feb. 2015) at a weekend Christian movement. However, it was in June 2015 that God would clearly speak through her to me.  I along with a group of ladies were hosting, “The Power of a Holy Spirit Filled Woman.” Ciara was our guest speaker appointed by our Abba to share at this event with. In this season of my life, I had begun desiring to experiencing the spiritual gifts that our Father would have me working in.  Many times I would feel compassion, this unexplainable love, burdens on my heart, etc. for others then would question whether this was ‘true’ love or if I was just going through the motions of life.  Satan (I believe) was the culprit trying to make me doubt and not see the gift that God had for me. The night of the Power of a Holy Spirit Filled Woman event was without a doubt a very powerful for myself and many other women!  On this night (Ciara hardly knowing me other than by name) was given words by Abba to share and speak over me in prayer that HE (Abba) could have only have known.  She prophesized over me that night about the Gift of Love that I had for others and how that love extended across cultures, and race.  The things that the world divides us by.  It actually took a few days for what she spoke over me to really sink in. Truly it was a word for me from my Lord!

I very often reflect back on that night and what I experienced in my life.  He still speaks to me through revelation of that night.  That night was such a sweet reminder His presence.  I also reflect on what other women there experienced that night.  Women were baptized in the Holy Spirit, freed and delivered from things of their past.  I came to this night with no expectation and my Father showed up and out in a way that I’ve never experienced before. From that night on I’ve desired for him to show himself to me and to speak to me more and more.

My walk with him was forever changed that night and continues to change into a deeper relationship with Him.  I am so very thankful that Ciara was obedient to the call to lead the night of The Power of the Holy Spirit Filled Woman event. Ciara is such a mighty and powerful vessel being used by our Lord! I can only try and imagine the lives that He (Our Father) speaks into through her and her testimony.  She is transparent and that is one thing that I am learning in my walk with Him….is to become more and more transparent. When we honor him with our transparency I believe He gives back to us. I know that she is going to do abundant and exceedingly might things for His kingdom. I praise him and give him thanks for what he is doing in Ciara’s life.

Since the night of The Power of the Holy Spirit Woman event, I have be in small settings and large group settings with Ciara.  She is just “Real.” He tells her and she tells you!  I love when he gives her words to give me. They grow me! She is fearless to share with the world the gospel message and I love that about her!  All whom are saved have the Holy Spirit within us living and alive. However, there is much to be said when a saved individual seeks out our Father daily and consistently through his word, quiet time, fasting and prayer.  There is much more to be said for Ciara and the work of the Holy Spirit within her.  I look forward to sharing more testimonies in the future of how the Lord uses Ciara in my life and the life of others.