The Trojan Horse Scenario of 2020 | Ciara Leilani

August 11, 2020

by: Ciara Leilani


I keep writing and speaking this same statement, The Body of Christ cannot sit idly by, be silent and hope for the best outcome in this November’s Presidential election. This election is one if not the most important election in modern day history.

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Word for The Church | Ciara Leilani

December 29, 2019


I hear the Lord saying,

I am about to speed up time in order for my children who are asleep to awaken rapidly. The time will expand the reach of my faithful and committed. This time that I am speeding up will enable the “awakened church” to work much more rapidly while the “asleep church” is nudged by what I will now permit. It is time to awaken. Continue reading “Word for The Church | Ciara Leilani”