Harvey Weinstein | Ciara Leilani

February 25, 2020

by: Ciara Leilani

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be writing a blog about Harvey Weinstein, an American former film producer and convicted sex offender. However for the last 48 hours the Holy Spirit has been teaching me something in real time that the more I think about is actually an answer to several of my personal prayers. I’ve asked Him to show me the way of love in a way that is not at all the way the world would agree with. Show me the type of love that Jesus lived so I can try, just try to emulate that kind of love. So here it is. This is what transpired that reminded me that the living God was listening to every single word that I was speaking. Even the ones I spoke in jest. The following is a real account of my encounter with the Holy Spirit after recounting the Harvey Weinstein verdict.

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