Tiffany Rucker

Bowman, Georgia
My first encounter with Ciara was while she ministered to a group of teenage girls at the Beloved Daughter Weekend.  During that time of ministry, there was a specific time where she had also ministered to the “mothers” of the girls (my niece lives with us, so I was there to stand in the gap).  Afterwards, I requested personal prayer with her. See, we (my husband, 1-year-old son, 2 nieces, and myself pregnant with my second son) were dealing with many things at that time.  Since my husband and I had taken on the responsibility of our 2 nieces, while I was no longer working, we found ourselves in a place financially that we were not comfortable with.  We were living on a VERY tight income.  Well… as Ciara (who had never met me) began to pray over me she called out “poverty” and rebuked it!  She began to prophecy income and needs being met from people at random as God favored us. Poverty never crossed my mind, because we were  indeed blessed.  So, this got me thinking. I came home and told my husband that I was expecting God to provide in whatever means He saw fit.  Because of the words God spoke through Ciara, I decided to trust in Him!  And, do you know what?  Money and needs did come in the times we needed, at random, not from our usual income. The Lord used my father, step mother, grandmother, and others to provide cash, house payment, new stove, groceries, diapers and other things I may be leaving out, at random as we had need, WITHOUT ME HAVING TO ASK. The Lord has continued to bless us with all our needs, although I have felt as though we were under some kind of spiritual attack. We had many things break down on us for example, our lawn mower (many times), stove, car heater, microwave, and water heater. It seemed as if it was one thing after another. When you’re on a tight budget, those type of things can’t be happening! I began to get to know Ciara more and more through our common friend circles. She came out to my house and ministered to a group of women where she spoke into my life once again. Once again, she brought encouragement, but I say all of this to really finish up with the last visit we had together.

In my last visit with Ciara, we came together in fellowship with other God fearing women. I began to open up with them about all the financial troubles we had been going through. I did give the Lord all glory for seeing us through, although I was realizing (from Ciara having called out the spirit of poverty the first time we met) that my family was dealing with something spiritual. Ciara then gave me specific instruction, through Godly wisdom and knowledge.  She told me to have Matthew, my husband to ask forgiveness of our poor financial stewardship, and then, as the head of the household, to rebuke the spirit of poverty from our family, home and property.  She prayed for a 24 hour turn around in our finances. When I got home I told my husband of the instruction Ciara gave me. We had already repented, so my husband began to rebuke the enemy! Although our property taxes were due in less than a month, along with a house payment, we had peace. Less than two days later, my grandmother called and asked that when I come to see her that day, to bring my tax bill with me. She paid my taxes on the spot, which financially freed us to make our house payment. My husband also received word that he would be expecting an end of the year bonus! We realized that this would carry us into the next year, where we would have an income to be good stewards of.

Thank You, Jesus and thank you Ciara, for letting the Lord use you.  To God be all the glory forever and ever!