William Daughtry

Lithonia, Georgia

Ciara is a living representation of what it means to “pick up your cross and follow Me.” That is one of the many ways in which her dedication, her words and walk have impacted my life. I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Ciara for a couple of years. It’s in those words from Christ, that she’s shared as well as her walk with Christ that have been a witness. Not just a witness from a distance, but one up close that has helped me become the man I am and continue to become in Christ. See, not only has Ciara impacted me with her words, whether of comfort or correction, her obedience led me to the narrow path of salvation!

One cold winter evening, Ciara led me in a prayer of salvation over the phone as I sat in my living room. That night I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ which has turned my spirit from pain, suffering, emptiness and countless of other things that plagued my life into a renewed and vibrant life in Christ . From listening to her teach His Word in her small group, to serving alongside of her in many community outreach missions she’s led in Atlanta in brisk Thanksgiving mornings she’s been an example for me. Her heart-checking social media postings have brought a lasting impact in my life needed in order to keep me grounded.

She walks what she talks, and there’s no denying her love for our Heavenly Father. A Deborah of our time. I thank God for a woman of Christ such as her. God bless you Ciara!